Are you ready to learn the powerful secret waiting for you inside The Greatest Self-Help Book Ever Written?

(Hint: It's hidden underneath a dull, unpolished object)

Smiley-faceDear friend:

As promised on the previous page, I want to share the secret inside The Greatest Self-Help Book Ever Written.

It doesn't look like much at first glance.

In fact, it will appear as an ordinary piece of conventional wisdom

(Remember - this book is nearly 2,000 years old, so the Author was probably the first to teach it in the modern era.)

A simple idea that becomes a mental habit

The idea is laid out in the first sentences of the book, and it goes like this:

There are some things within our control and there are some things that are not within our control.

Pretty common, and in today's world, something we've heard in variation a thousand times.

But the secret is in the design of the book itself.

You see, The Greatest Self-Help Book Ever Written is no ordinary book.

There are in fact only 4 main ideas throughout it's slim pages.

They are repeated, over and over, woven in and out of teaching examples and sayings.

And that is the secret.

You see, the book is designed to do more than give you a couple nice ideas, that make you feel good while you're reading, and then send you on your way to get knocked about by the winds of the day.

The world's first teaching app?

By virtue of its simple message, and repetition of the 4 core concepts, the book is designed to help you transform your mind.

It's real power, if followed correctly, is that it will help you cultivate a permanent mental state:

  • Where you are always tranquil.
  • Where you think clearly.
  • And have an abundance of energy.
  • Where you are always able to take the action you need to move in the direction of your dreams.

In other words, this book can help you teach yourself to become permanently happy!

The only thing required of you is your willingness to transform your mind

Again, this appears simple - after all, isn't this what books are designed to do?

Perhaps - but how many self-help, or even philosophy books have you read where you forgot their message in less time than it takes to drive to the grocery store?

The key to allowing this simple idea - to control your thoughts so that you are always focused on what is in your control and allow the world to spin without your assistance - is to study the book.

We have provided you a free PDF copy you can download below.

Have you ever dreamed of being a Philosopher King?

headphonesTo get the full impact of this powerful mental state - where you walk through the world unperturbed by external events - we recommend becoming a member and gaining access to the 48-minute audio version we have recorded for this project.

Inside the member's area you will also find articles on how to speed up the transformation of your mind into that of a modern Philosopher King, including specific examples taken from our wild, modern life.

(Even though our minds are as easily perturbed as they were back in the day - when the Author was truly kicking it Old School in a toga!)

You will see results within 7 days!

If you are willing to read the free PDF of The Greatest Self-Help Book Ever Written, let's say 3 or 4 times in the first week, you will begin to experience results you have only dreamed about.

You will wake up feeling good, and capable of taking on the challenges of the day.

You will greet people easily, and feel no opposition.

You will get more done, in a breezy frame of mind, literally whistling while you work.

You will enjoy better relations with family and friends.

Most important, you will have regained the energy you used to have, and feel as if your optimistic vision has been restored.

Again, this process will happen even faster when you download the MP3 version of the audiobook after becoming a member.

Your new life awaits!

I truly hope you decide to give yourself the gift of studying The Greatest Self-Help Book Ever Written.

Yes, I know you signed up for it, and may even download it - but we also both know that many people just collect stuff off the Internet and never use the incredible resources available.

We also know that many people go through life never making the most of the incredible resources they have within themselves.

I am certain this book can help you avoid this tragedy - one that is even older than the wisdom contained in this book. (And that it was perhaps designed to help you prevent!)

Frank G.

(When you become a member you will have access to the audiobook MP3, as well as articles designed to help you fulfill the promise of turning the simple idea in this book into the mental state necessary to fulfill the potential you know you have within you.)

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