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Dear Friend:

All you have to do is consider these words. Think about them in relation to your feelings about who you are. Contemplate them as you think about your time here on Earth. Apply them to your problems – and watch in delight as those worries shrink in importance.

And as you continue to use these four words, you will feel your old anxieties fade. Your fears will crumble in the wind like old parchment. You will look up and the sun will be brighter. Your spirit will be refreshed.

These four words are the most important psychological discovery of our time:

“I am the Owner.”

At first, they may seem odd, we understand. Perhaps even a little bombastic. But they are not a self-help slogan meant to send you off down yet another path destined to end in tears.

These four words can set you free.

Because as you give them another look, you will see they don’t claim anything outside of yourself – and that is the magic. These four words are all about you. They are designed to center you within yourself. To activate the power that is waiting to be unleashed. To remind you that you are the only person who will decide how your life turns out.

These four words are powerful because they start at the beginning – in your mind, where, until now, there has been confusion. When you consider the four-word psychological process, “I am the Owner,” you are taking control of your mind. And when you declare control – and hold it long enough – the confusion clears. Things that used to perplex you are as simple as a child’s puzzle.

And with this clarity your powers will be awakened. And as you continue to use these four simple words, you understand that there is nothing standing between you and what you desire.

Even better, these four words have also awakened a belief in yourself that is startling to experience.

You know you deserve to be happy. You know you are worthy of success.

And you know that it is within your power to achieve that which you desire.

And all for the cost of using four little words – in the privacy of your own mind – that settles your spirit and focuses your vision.

And that is just the beginning. These four words function as a process. That is, used over and over, and applied to many different questions, they yield continual benefits. Because once you are calm and at peace within yourself, and begin once again to believe in your abilities, you will be taking action. You will see your everyday world begin to make sense. Many challenges are eased. Some disappear completely. (These are the ones born of worry and anxiety – which were figments of your imagination.)

You see, these four words ignite a chain reaction in your mind. As you consider the phrase, “I am the Owner,” you gain immediate benefit – and as you start acting on this power, you will see results begin to appear, almost effortlessly.

And these results will be the proof you have been waiting for. Finally you will experience the ease of life that you have been promised so many times before, yet failed to achieve.

And you know the answer to both of these questions – you know why you didn’t achieve results in the past and why they are starting to come today, as if by magic.

The answer is that you have finally discovered a tool to unlock the hidden powers of your mind. Whereas before all you were given was a slogan and some pretty pictures.

You know that this tool – the simple, four-word phrase, “I am the Owner,” – has as much power as you are willing to use. You know these four words are inexhaustible. And as you experience the calm confidence they reveal as your true self, you want to experiment. You will want to explore the previously hidden capability of your mind and see how you can put it to use in the world. To satisfy your own needs and to do things that the world may currently consider impossible.

And yet, even though the four-word psychological process, “I am the Owner,” grants you immediate peace and a calm confidence, you will find that you are poised. Your discovery will have you excited, yes, but now that you are practicing the four simple words, you are now in possession of your faculties. You can use them as you wish, and in your own time. And because you are now the Owner of your life, you have also taken control of your most precious resource – the moments, minutes and hours of your life.

So you feel great. You know you can carry these four words with you at all times and continually turn them over in your mind. You can experiment within your own laboratory and being the results into the world when you are ready. You can enjoy yourself while you are working, and you can love your family when it is time to rest. And you know that your newfound power is something that is self-evident and is having an impact on those around you. Some of them may ask you your secret; some may just be inspired by your example.

You smile easily because you know all of this is the gift of four little words:

“I am the Owner.”

Very Respectfully,

Frank Giovinazzi

P.S. The four-word psychological process is all you need to begin to enjoy dimensions of life you ever considered possible. If you would like to continue studying and working with this idea we have created 10 Special Reports working with various aspects of this dynamic tool.

If you would like additional support in bringing the truth of your own power into your own life, we have compiled 10 Special Reports that delve deeper into this incredible discovery:

The Philosophy Of Kings

Becoming a King has less to do with physical strength, wealth or even a forceful personality than most people assume. But it does take courage to become the King!

This Special Report describes the process of crowning yourself - and much more:

  • The Philosophy Of The King is described in terms of how He carries himself and interacts with others – especially Slaves.
  • The 11 distinct paths to becoming a King.
  • How Kings manage to maintain their power and authority.
  • How the chains of modern Slavery are invisible - and meant to appear "natural."
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The Ownership Manual

The power of "I am the Owner," is available to you at any moment. This Special Report outlines how you can put it to use in your everyday life.

  • Dissolve phantom fears that have been holding you back.
  • Achieve a sense of calm in situations that used to disturb you.
  • Discover the outlines of your inner landscape.
  • Radiate confidence that comes from self-knowledge.

Your First Obligation

In this Special Report you will learn how the world has conspired to obscure your primal instincts:

  • In deciding to serve yourself, you can work with what you have, right where you are.
  • You will relearn how to live for yourself – and truly begin to enjoy your life for the first time.
  • You will discover the invisible wall that has been constructed around your imagination – and how to break through into the landscape of freedom.
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Training Your Natural Mind To Commit Unnatural Acts

Your natural mind possesses the same power that has created our magnificent world! In this Special Report we will explore how easy it is to be lulled into complacency - and how effortless it is to resume control of your only true possession:

  • How the modern world of electronic messaging acts as an artificial woman to control your existence.
  • 8 ways to train your mind to remain awake to your true needs.
  • How to awaken the dormant power of your deep, natural mind.

The Age Of The Eloi

All you have to do is look around you and see how millions of people are sleepwalking through their one and only life.

  • How to avoid becoming someone else's dinner.
  • How to exploit the famous idea, "the jungle is neutral."
  • How to use the four-word psychological process, "I am the Owner," to stay focused on serving your own needs and creating an authentic life.

X-Ray Vision

One of the most valuable benefits of this process is clarity. You will begin to see the world for what it is. And accept it.

  • How your mirror can reflect the true reality of your existence.
  • A truly healthy way to view others – as Owners of their own life.
  • The incisive question that allows you to erase confusion from your mind.
  • A rational way to live in a world teeming with Owners.
Download all 10 Special Reports!

Achieving Authentic Goals

This Special Report exposes the horrible truth about goalsetting – that most people are already getting exactly what they want.

  • Learn how to identify when goals have been projected onto your consciousness.
  • Is it possible that you have been pre-programmed to fail?
  • How to detect when you are holding yourself back from going for what you truly want.
  • Consider the possibility that there are things that you can accomplish which you have not yet learned to imagine.

The Seeking Of Pleasure

This Special Report looks at one of the easiest and indeed most pleasant aspects of Self-Ownership.

  • How to cherish the first and most basic pleasure you will earn for yourself.
  • Come to view how satisfying your basic needs is both pleasurable and logical. (Stop feeling guilty about taking care of yourself.)
  • How your imagination will expand to organically accept luxurious pleasures which you used to think we're beyond your self-work.

The Pursuit Of Power

This Special Report addresses a logical outcome of our process. That is, once you have your internal life sorted, your desire to go into the world and make yourself known.

  • How to cultivate the inside game to make yourself invincible.
  • Recognize how this mental exercise has already put you at the head of the pack.
  • Two questions to ask yourself that are necessary to achieve power.
  • How to determine the nature of the power you want to accomplish.

Becoming Your Ideal

This Special Report ties it all together. Now that you have practiced the four-word psychological process, "I am the Owner," you are already on your way:

  • The healthy way to define your ideal life.
  • Remaining free of anxiety.
  • Cultivating balanced and fair relationships.
  • Learning how to enjoy your work – right where you are.
  • An approach to money that is devoid of emotion and allows you to earn as much as you can imagine.
  • The automatic ways in which you will take better care of your health.

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