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Becoming a King has less to do with physical strength, wealth or even a forceful personality than most people assume.

This is because once Kings have ascended to the throne, people begin to ascribe powers to them that they may not actually possess.

But those "special powers" are not what got the King onto the throne in the first place.

In our view, the path to becoming a King is a profound mental transformation that any Slave can achieve.

And it does take courage to become King!

(And we use that word "Slave" deliberately. In our framework, a Slave is someone who is not in possession of their own life.)

But let's get back to talking about the King.

The King who crowned Himself is one who came to grips with the nature of His existence - and made a conscious decision as to how He was going to treat Himself and thus interact with the world.

This Special Report describes that process and much more:

  • The Philosophy Of The King is described in terms of how He carries himself and interacts with others – especially Slaves.
  • The 11 distinct paths to becoming a King.
  • How Kings manage to maintain their power and authority.

Then there are instructions for Slaves:

  • How the nature of modern Slavery is mostly psychological.
  • How the chains of modern Slavery are invisible - and meant to appear "natural."
  • What modern Slavery looks - and feels - like to most Slaves.
  • How Slaves can use the 11 scenarios of the King to elevate themselves above their meager existence.

The common power available to both Kings and Slaves

In the contrast between King and Slave, this Special Report illustrates how both are in possession of the single skill necessary to either control their lives - or be controlled by others.

And this skill is something you can begin to practice immediately - no matter where you are in your journey from servitude to freedom.

This may not be for you!

This Special Report is not for everyone.

In fact we would prefer that most people reading this page would simply click away.

Most people are uncomfortable facing the truth of their own servitude, and that's just for starters.

And then even fewer people are willing to do the work necessary to change the condition of their lives.

Even though, within the body of this report we demonstrate how a simple, four-word psychological process enables any slave, in almost any condition, to begin to elevate themselves from the inside out.

And that, really is the basis of all of our work - that the true revolution is a 100% inside job.

Most people don't want to hear that. (One of the conditions of modern Slavery is convincing yourself that your problems are due to the greed of others - though nothing could be further from the truth.)

But maybe you are the rare kind of person we are looking for!

There are a few people, however, certain kinds of people, that are ready to apply this simple concept to their lives - and start living the way they truly desire.

If you fulfill any of the following conditions, this Special Report may be for you:

Those who have searched for a long time and are about to give up.

Those who are skeptical of most self-help programs, because they understand that motivation and encouragement is practically useless without a repeatable and simple process to follow - a process that helps the reader actually achieve the state of grace that is described in so many Shangri-La fantasies.

The ones who are ready to work. The ones for willing to put themselves through a bit of exercise and strain in order to achieve their goals.

The ones who are hungry. The ones who know there is a better way, and can see it but have not been able to figure out the simple secret for themselves.

The ones who understand that effort is rewarded, but especially intelligent effort directed toward a worthwhile game.

The ones who understand, deep down, that they only have one life to live, and that ultimately it is up to them to make the most of it.

We hope you're ready!

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