Can you really become a million-dollar copy writer in 7 days?

(This method is so obvious most people overlook it!)

pile-of-moneyDear fellow entrepreneur,

If your most pressing need is for more money, you know what you need to do.

You need to sell.

You know that thousands of men and women before you, in exactly the same dire straits, have faced the same situation.

Money's tight. And the clock is ticking.

Just like you, every single one of these men and women faced down their situation and came to the same conclusion.

If they were going to solve their problem - which was making more money, right now - they had to sell their product.

Or face total ruin.

And just like you, every single person who came out on top did the same thing.

They looked for a way to take what they knew, or what they had, and turn it into a compelling offer that would bring in the cash they so desperately needed.

monopoly-bankrupt-guyThis is what you do when failure is not an option

You also know that for every success story there's a hundred failures.

Maybe more - because as you know, the story of failure fades into the background that we prefer to ignore.

Like the homeless person sitting on a bench, muttering to themselves.

And for every down and out failure that is invisible to the world, you know a shattered dream lies within them.

So if your need for success is immediate, and your desire to avoid failure so intense, maybe you're ready to do the obvious thing.

Maybe you're ready to become a million-dollar copywriter - the same exact way every single advertising success has done it before you.

Maybe you're ready to study what works.

Maybe you're ready to invest just an hour a day absorbing the knowledge of the last 100 years that has delivered proven results of billions of dollars in sales.

And maybe - because you're busy and need to keep working - you would enjoy getting this information in a way that is convenient, and guaranteed to help you turn your desire into the money you simply have to have.

The fastest, simplest way to get a copywriting education

You probably don't have time to spend 6 months to a year to study copywriting.

You want to start churning out persuasive copy within the week.

It's easy with the method we have created.

Here's how it works:

We've assembled 86 of the greatest sales letters and advertisements from the last century, in both PDF and MP3 format.

When you purchase The Copywriter's Toolkit, they are delivered to you over the course of the next 7 days.

Each day, you'll be granted access to 12 or 13 of these recorded sales letters - for you to listen to in the car, at work, and maybe, even while you sleep.

Every time you listen to these recordings, over and over, you will absorb the rhythm and language of advertising copy that sells.

The proven methods used by dozens of copywriters over the last 100 years will seep into your brain.

Your subconscious mind will become a boiling volcano of power as you continue to listen over and over, to the more than 6 hours of recorded sales letters and advertisements.

The energy will build to such a point - as your mind crackles with the need to release everything you've learned - that when you sit down to write your winning sales letter ...

... it will flow out of you like it was written by someone else ...

... just in the nick of time.

And you will be able to write the million-dollar sales letter you need.

Continue reading for more information on The Copywriter's Toolkit - what you get and how it's delivered (and the ridiculously low price.)

This is an unprecedented, never-before accomplished revolution in copywriting education!

These are some of the giants whose proven sales copy you will be studying:

  • Mel Martin - the quiet man who turned bullets into an advertising weapon!
  • Bruce Barton - famed founder of BBDO
  • Maxwell Sackheim - the mad genius who invented the Book of the Month Club!
  • John Caples - the dean of tested advertising!
  • Claude Hopkins - the patron saint of advertising science!
  • Robert Collier - the gentleman persuader!
  • David Ogilvy - the fierce Scotsman who loved direct response!
  • Vic Schwab - the secret weapon behind the success of How to Win Friend and Influence People!
  • Joe Karbo - this "lazy man" inspired the modern age!
  • Albert Lasker - the man who invented Sunkist - and orange Juice!

Here's a free sample of how The Copywriter's Toolkit works:

RubtheBuddhaforMoneyEvery one of the sales letter in this collection comes with both a PDF reproduction AND a complete MP3 recording of the entire advertisement.

That's because listening to an ad is the faster and more effective way to learn the rhythm, pacing and pure persuasive power of advertising copy that sells.

For your free sample to illustrate how The Copywriter's Toolkit works, we've chosen this classic ad, Rub the Buddha for Money, that's been running in some form for over 20 years!

And since you are an advanced student of marketing and copywriting you already know that an ad that's run for that long is one that pays - and thus, one that you want to study.

(And every one of the sales letters and advertisements in this collection meets this "sniff test" - meaning you're only getting the best of the best to study, absorb and learn from!)

Right-click on the image of the Rub the Buddha for Money advertisement to get your free PDF - then listen to the complete 8-minute recording below - we think you'll agree that this amazing method will help you become a million-dollar copywriter faster than you ever dreamed possible.

Just imagine how powerful you're going to become when you repeat this simple exercise 86 times!

Listen here:

The Copywriter's Toolkit is so intense, so jam-packed of advertising knowledge, that it is delivered to you over the course of 7 days - so you can absorb all the wisdom at a pace you can put into practice every single day.

Each day's sales letters come to you in PDF and MP3 format - that you can view through our membership portal - or download for your convenient use.

Here's what you get on Day 1:

  • Cadillac Display Advertisement
  • Do You Make These Mistakes in English Display Advertisement
  • Dr Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin Display Advertisement
  • Famous Writers School Display Advertisement
  • Franklin Mint 100 Greatest Books Sales Letter
  • Gloucester Fisherman Display Advertisement
  • Lord and Thomas Display Advertisement 1
  • Rolls-Royce Display Advertisement
  • The 7 Little Books Sales Letter
  • The Power of Will Display Advertisement
  • The Premium Sales Letter
  • Zane Grey Display Advertisement 1

12 MP3s, total running time 58:06

Here's what you get on Day 2:

  • John Jacob's Practical Golf Display Advertisement
  • Mercedes-Benz 190D Sales Letter
  • Miami University Fund Raising Letter
  • Newsaper Institute of America Display Advertisement
  • Palmolive Soap Display Advertisement
  • Pepsodent Display Advertisement
  • The 100,000 Mark Sales Letter
  • The HydrAuger Sales Letter
  • The Lazy Man’s Way to Riches Display Advertisement
  • Van Camps Milk Display Advertisement
  • Wall Street Journal Two Young Men Subscription Letter
  • Wayne School Display Advertisement

12 MP3s, total running time 57:55

Here's what you get on Day 3:

  • Dale Carnegie Course Display Advertisement
  • First Baptist Church Organ Fund Raising Letter
  • How to Win Friends and Influence People Display Advertisement
  • Lord and Thomas Display Advertisement 2
  • Phoenix Mutual Display Advertisement 1
  • Readers Digest Two Pennies Subscription Letter
  • The Sports Appeal Sales Letter
  • The Stocks by Mail Sales Letter
  • Thompson Cigar Company Sales Letter
  • Tulloss Typewriting School Display Advertisement
  • United Republican Fund Letter
  • United States Army Display Advertisement

12 MP3s, total running time 46:51

Here's what you get on Day 4:

  • 7 Steps to Freedom Display Advertisement
  • Aladdin Houses Display Advertisement
  • American Bible Society Sales Letter
  • How to Create Advertising That Sells Display Advertisement
  • Lays Potato Chips Display Advertisement
  • Lord and Thomas Display Advertisement 3
  • Napoleon Hill Law of Success Display Advertisement
  • The Book of the Month Club Display Advertisement
  • The Dollar Bill Fund Raising Letter
  • The Handkerchief Sales Letter
  • The Secret of Effective Speech Sales Letter
  • Why Men Crack Display Advertisement
  • Zane Grey Display Advertisement 2

13 MP3s, total running time 57:56

Here's what you get on Day 5:

  • Alexander Hamilton Institute Display Advertisement 1
  • American Express Card Sales Letter
  • Arthur Murray Display Advertisement
  • Champaign County Council on Alcoholism Fund Raising Letter
  • Christina L Woods Memorial Fund Raising Letter
  • Covenant House Fund Raising Letter
  • Little Leather Library Display Advertisement
  • Lord and Thomas Display Advertisement 4
  • Newsweek Subscription Letter
  • Schlitz Beer Display Advertisement 1
  • The Penny Sales Lette
  • The Rainproof Coat Sales Letter

12 MP3s, total running time 53:47

Here's what you get on Day 6:

  • Greystone Press Sales Letter
  • How to Turn Plastic Into Gold Display Advertisement
  • Kiplinger Subscription Letter
  • LaSalle Extension University Display Advertisement
  • Lord and Thomas Display Advertisement 5
  • Palmolive Shaving Cream Display Advertisement 1
  • Phoenix Mutual Display Advertisement 2
  • Practical English Programme Display Advertisement
  • Schlitz Beer Display Advertisement 2
  • The Close Out Sales Letter
  • The Indirect Approach Sales Letter
  • U. S. Army Display Advertisement 2

12 MP3s, total running time 39:12

Here's what you get on Day 7:

  • How to Launch New Products Display Advertisement
  • Let's Have Better Mottoes Association Sales Letter
  • Lord and Thomas Display Advertisement 6
  • Palmolive Shaving Cream Display Advertisement 2
  • Phoenix Mutual Display Advertisement 3
  • Rolls-Royce Display Advertisement 2
  • Schlitz Beer Display Advertisement 3
  • Sears Diehard Battery Display Advertisement
  • Sunkist Display Advertisement
  • Tarbell Systems Display Advertisement
  • The Lawn Care Sales Letter
  • The Reason Why Sales Letter
  • U. S. School of Music Display Advertisement

13 MP3s, total running time 48:37

Of course there are Bonuses!

The Secret Writing Technique used by copywriting legend Eugene Schwartz!

Eugene-Schwartz-methodToward the end of his storied and profitable career, Eugene Schwartz detailed his writing method that enabled him to turn out million-dollar copy on command.

And you can have it today with your purchase of The Copywriter's Toolkit.

It's so simple - just as simple as our revolutionary method of learning copywriting - that you may be tempted to not even give it a try.

Bad idea.

In just a short time - let's say 7 days - of using this writing method you will find yourself churning out copy faster than you ever dreamed possible!


The Hypnotic Language Patterns of Milton Erickson - founder of modern hypnosis!

Milton-Erickson-MethodFor years, the hypnotic technique of the legendary Milton Erickson was a mystery - until his students analyzed recordings of his deceptively simple "conversational hypnosis."

It turns out that Dr. Erickson's technique was based on a series of language patterns - 60 in fact - that, delivered over time, enabled him to gain the trust of his patients' subconscious minds.

When you learn these simple phrases (from our PDF and MP3 format) you can sprinkle them throughout your ad copy and likewise gain the trust of your customers - so that it will seem the obvious choice to buy what you are selling!

For a limited time, total access to The Copywriter's Toolkit - all 86 sales letters and advertisements in PDF and MP3 format - over 6 hours of recorded material - PLUS the Eugene Schwartz Secret Writing Technique AND the Milton Erickson Hypnotic Language Patterns is only $39.

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