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We believe you have the power to live a happy, healthy life. We believe you can reduce unwanted pounds and achieve better physical health, today. We believe that with the help of our hypnosis programs, you can modify your behavior to reflect the beautiful you that is just waiting to be born!

Our Hypnosis For Weight Loss Program Is Engineered to Cover All the Challenges of Getting Fit!

Everyone knows that weight loss is easy - but is often accomplished in fits and starts, only to often be reversed after a few months of enjoying a healthier, lighter lifestyle. Even worse, many people report actually gaining more weight after initial success with a fad, or crash diet. Our hypnosis for weight loss programs are designed to help you create new mental and emotional associations with food and eating -and exercise - so that you can lose weight gently, and naturally - and keep it off!

  • A gentle, relaxing approach to losing weight.
  • Awakens your innate determination to be healthy.
  • Helps you visualize your successful weight loss outcome.
  • Suggests new eating habits.
  • Encourages eating slower and chewing your food more thoroughly.
  • Helps you communicate with your body's natural needs.
  • Promotes positive body image.
  • Reminds you that food is fuel for living.
  • Encourages increased daily, physical activity.
  • Helps you release excess weight without anxiety
  • Creates a vision of an exciting, lighter you.
  • Gives you post-hypnotic tools to handle food cravings
  • Promotes long-term, sustainable weight loss.
  • Strengthens your self-control over snacking between meals.

Here's What Some Of Our Satisfied Weight Loss Clients Have To Say:

This truly works and is probably the best weight loss program on the internet. I have tried other subliminals, but they do not work. I will tell some of my friends about this. Thanks a lot for making this!

Cody Gupta
Cody Gupta

Thanks this is really helping me. I started listening to this a week ago and have already lost 2 lbs.

 Shannon Millam
 Shannon Millam

This is really helpful! Thank you!!

Lisa Budd
Lisa Budd

Great! Not even a few hours after the first time I listened to this, I started eating better. I can't even eat gummy bears anymore, and anyone who knows me knows I love them. I even kept a small bag in my purse. . . Now I can barely look at them. All I wanted to eat was a salad. Yes, ONE salad ALL day. I'll fit into my old dress in no time! ^.^

 Sabbath Parmely
 Sabbath Parmely

Thank you very much! I've lost 10 kilos since I listened to this marvelous hypnosis. I haven't lost that much weight in years!!! Thanks a lot :)))))

 Abdul-Haseeb Shaklab
 Abdul-Haseeb Shaklab

You Can Easily Start Your New, Lighter and Happier Life With Our Relaxing & Delightful Hypnosis MP3s Today!

The six [6) hypnosis sessions in our Weight Loss Program can be listened to one at a time - or in a long, wonderful reprogramming session that runs over two hours long! Our clients have reported losing weight with each of these sessions on their own - and when all of them are combined with sincere desire to lose weight and feel great, you are literally going to be amazed at what you can do - today and for the rest of your happy, healthy life!

Hypnosis For Weight Loss 1

This 33-minute session uses a gentle, direct approach to weight loss, simply by giving you hypnotic suggestions to picture your ideal weight, plus instructions on eating slower, avoiding snacking and drinking more water.

Hypnosis For Weight Loss 2

This 36-minute hypnosis session presents the process of losing weight as " 5 keys" that are presented as embedded  post-hypnotic suggestions, along with a repeating refrain of the benefits you are experiencing with this plan.

Hypnosis For Weight Loss 3

This 25-minute session guides you into a relaxed learning state, where you enter into communication with your body, befriending it and instructing it to burn fat - and allowing your body to talk to you so that you always know when to eat for energy, not emotion.

Bonus # 1: Power of Will 21-Day Course!

Inside the Member's Area is our brand new Power of Will 21-Day Course - the first of its kind that works with you where you are and helps you build your strength gradually - so you can determine your own pace an be happy with the progress you determine for yourself!

 Hypnosis For Weight Loss 4

This 23-minute hypnosis session begins with our marble staircase induction, guiding you into a relaxed state, and addresses the emotional dimension of weight loss, specifically encouraging you to visualize yourself as thin, to enjoy that sensation and to happily move toward that goal, each and every day.

Hypnosis For Weight Loss 5

This 30-minute hypnosis session is our classic weight loss session - presenting the choices for your new lifestyle using a conversational method that elicits agreement and enthusiasm so that losing weight and being happy feels as simple as commonsense.

Hypnosis For Weight Loss 6

A 13-minute hypnosis session that takes you on an airplane flight – where you have no baggage and no expectations – except of course that you are on your way to starting a brand new life, as a new, slimmer you!!

Bonus #2: Access To Our Complete 500-MP3 Library!

Yes, it's true. When you join our Stop Smoking Program, you also get access to ALL of our hypnosis, brain wave music affirmation and sleep programming libraries, amazing!

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    We have 3 pricing plans available - a 30-day trial, a six-month subscription - or a lifetime membership (so you can learn at your own pace).

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