What if there were a philosophy that celebrated your existence?

  • What if that philosophy taught that you should seek what is best for you?
  • And what if that philosophy recognized that all others are seeking the best for themselves?
  • What if that philosophy said that making money was a natural part of life and you should make as much – or even more – then you think is possible?
  • What if that philosophy taught that your existence is the only reality with which you should be concerned?
  • And what if that philosophy left questions about morality entirely up to you?
  • Doesn't that philosophy sound a lot like freedom?
  • What if I told you this philosophy exists - and has been around for thousands of years - but has been suppressed by those who want to keep you in the dark?
  • And what if that philosophy felt natural, and easy to learn - because it is so deeply ingrained into every one of us it is like meeting a long lost friend for the very first time?
  • And what if that philosophy helped you achieve the things you really want - but feel have been withheld from you - simply by getting in touch with your daily breath?
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